Also knows as 'mordecai' 


Creator/god of rrrather. Canadian, super cool, and chill. also a queer. He likes to be taken in the ass, just ask him, he'll say yes


Awesome person who likes to make friends and is a nerd.

American_Jedi Edit

A veteran user who usually makes tournaments such as user tournaments or band tournaments. He messages new users when they join the site. He has the most profile views at 3,623 as of January 7, 2015. He is most known for making erotic and sexual questions with very explicit pictures.


anon67 is a horrible human being and should be ignored at all costs.


Brony, otaku, gamer. Overall best user 2012-forever


A laid-back dude, a fan of my little pony and THE GREEN LANTERN!!! kinda knew that I type this, ya?

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