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User# 1 (previously 11)
Date Joined Jan. 20, 2011
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Gender Male
Nationality Canadian
Species Human
"Chat is fixed...for now" -AlexW

You can visit the owner AlexW. AlexW is the creator of rrrather.

Alex Walter created rrrather in January of 2011, inspired his previously failed Never Have I Ever website.  Alex holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) and a Master of Science (Electronic Business Technologies) and actually he probably just dropped out of high school and got his GED or something.  Alex suffers from an inborn disease known as being a Canadian. The pic on the right is an image he took from google images. He has an extensive collection of fedoras and owns at least 8000 bags of doritos which he keeps in his room to avoid ever having to leave his house. He does shows up on the site once every year mainly to make more bot accounts so real users and potential advertisers will falsely assume people still go to the site, otherwise he wouldn't be able to collect on ad revenue. He rarely ever bans people or fixes site related issues. Because of this, the site runs rampant with noobs, trolls and technical issues. It has been theorized that the real alexw has been gone for a long time and the account has either been taken over by uber 1337 hacker from 4chan or merely has a bot in place of his account which only speaks with premade auto responses, hence why he never does anything of value

Chat restoration; Edit

February 2012, chat was completely renewed on request of an unknown user. The old chat is still available under the chat window. "Feeling old school? This chat broken? Go to the old chat"

Nov 5 2013, chat is now auto-refreshing every 5 seconds on request by a user that goes by the name Mordecai.


Could you please stop editing his motherfucking Infobox? The text is funny though.

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