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Anameok is among one of the most well known users on the site rrrather. He has a number of medals and is part of the rrrather diamond elites. He has been on the site for nearly a year as of january 2014 and has contributed a number of unique and original questions to the site.

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anameok first discovered the site after seeing a video made by youtube celebrity Vsauce in one of his videos, he goes on to describe a site very simular to rrrather. anameok, through a odd miscaculation clearly brought upon by the gods of luck and internet fate, brought him here by mistake. he has since been a regular to the site. he used  numerous different profile pics before an event which has gone down to be known as the "month of luigi" occured. it was at this point that he began the theme concept of profile changing, revolutionizing rrrather profiles from that point on. as of lately, his recent project has been to change it to a different pokemon each day he is active, a project that is said to take years to fully accomplish. As of Febuary 10th anameok has acheived mod like status after aquiring the abilty to see all alts and acccounts a user has by viewing their profile. he uses said power responsibly and acheives peace and understanding only. His account became inactive as of October, 2014. Since then he has moved over to a new account by the name of -CriticalDrive-

Profile Pic History Edit

  1. Pinkie pie cereal meme (months)
  2. Jeff the killer anime (1 month)
  3. jeff the killer pony (1 month)
  4. Month of luigi (1 month)
  5. pony luigi (1 month)
  6. MLP theme( 1 month)
  7. Easter theme (1 month)
  8. All Gen1 pokemon in order (Januaury 2014- September 2014)
  9. Mew (Final)



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a scientific photograph of the universe during anameok's arrival

anameok is most commonly seen in the rrather chat, where he connects the various users together through his great charm and swagability. He is known to be a very down to earth atheist and respects other religions while also fighting off the cancerous god or big bang disease spreading through the rrrather question database. he has shown to have a great love for ponies, anime, and gaming culture.

overall hes a pretty cool guy.