Apple x Paper Towels
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No one knows his real name his username is apparently the three things he saw when making his account. The only things known about him is that he is a dyslexic fedora wearing bisexual that goes to the university of Virginia and that he is a closet furry with a strong knack for bestiality (see below). He has a disdain for the states of Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Arkansas mostly southern states he once got on high freaking out he would die because he heard there was acid in OJ he also has a leggings and transgendered fetish

Also, his hair is terrible. Holy hell what was god even doing. This slut is hell itself. He has a paper towel fetish for some strange reason, which leads him to wrap his weenie in paper towels on Friday night and dip it in nacho cheese and then have his dog lick it off (he's gone through 37 dogs so far). PETA is currently pressing charges against him and he is currently banned in over twenty states (see above list of states).

He also has a fear of opened doors and closets. This is mainly his mind trying to repress the fact that he is a Closet furry and fears the day in which an army of enraged Peta member come marching through his door to beat him up for being a faggot. He has a mental breakdown and will shank a bitch if they are not closed to his desire.