AppleJaxxx is a 15 year old user who joined in early 2015

Here is some stuff you might want to know about her

Facts Edit

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Account information
User# 42,492
Date Joined March 4th, 2015
Status Active
Profile Page Unknown
User information
Gender Male
Nationality Mexican
Species Aids
  • She is a fucking weeaboo
  • She likes fried poop (her poop) (wtf)
  • She is Mexican
  • She is a stupid Mexican (all day...everyday)
  • She watches Mexican porn (all day...every day)
  • Writes erotic (Mexican) fanfiction about being married to other users. Mainly where she gets ham sandviched with her husbando
  • Is gay Mexican

Users she likes Edit

  1. Jrob196 (because......Master bae can never be replaced)
  2. HammySanvich (because........he's my husband)
  3. Hashslingingslasher (because....she's my sister/ lesbian lover)
  4. ASaberToothTiger
  5. Ilovefreedom
  6. DavidSingle (The Best)
  7. Matthewh2
  8. TehEditorOfRrrather (Favorite and most adored user)

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