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christianr is a veteran rrrather user who joined in the September of 2012.

Bio Edit

Christian is 23 years old, and is a male artist who lives in Western New York. He is bisexual, and he holds progressive liberal ideals. His ideology, according to him, is the minority ideology in the area he lives in. He is also a furry.

Random Facts Edit

-He has only been to Canada twice.

-Has an Associate's in Applied Science (Digital Arts), and a Diploma in General Studies. He was planning on transferring to get a better degree, but long story short, Bureaucracy screwed him over.

-Because of The Ride of Steel, Christian was afraid of heights as a kid. He likes to complain about wanting to get off Mr.Bones wild ride, but at least it doesn't crash.

-He doesn't like pizza, mainly because of its texture and its cheesy composition. He knows full well that chicken wings are far superior.

-He has Asperger's syndrome, and suffers from Depression. He is forced to take Prozac.

-He takes pride in being from Western New York. It's New York City that he doesn't like.

-Has the memory of a goldfish when it comes to things he doesn't care about.

-Has never been to a furry convention, but he wants to.

-He is banned from Russia. If you ask why, he changes his story every time.

-He is good at fixing his own pages should they be vandalized.

-Not only is he a fan of anthropomorphic animals, but he also likes anime, video games, history, comics, a variety of music genres,

-...and he's never been to Boston in the fall.