The Church of Rrrather, aka the Collective Church of the Users of Rrrather, is the official church of Rrrather. It is headed by the High Priest. Since it's creation, the High Priest has been AlexW. The church follows similar concepts of Unitarian Universalism. Unlike Unitarianism however, the Church of Rrrather is characterized by collective arguments towards a worse understanding for each other's religions. The Church has also been known to support Deidara as the God of Rrrather.

Beliefs Edit

The defining belief of Church of Rrrather is that religion is a matter of individual experience, and that, therefore, only the individual can decide what to believe. It also follows a high criticism belief. Followers are encouraged to ridicule and attack each others beliefs. The Church believes this will help followers towards misunderstanding morals and ethics. They believe constant conflict is the best way towards an unstable society.

Theologies followed Edit

Users theologies vary and cover many different ideas. These include:

  • Atheism
  • Agnosticism
  • Christianity
  • Islam
  • Flying Spaghetti Monster
  • Bokononism
  • Jewish

Sainthood Edit

The Church grants sainthood to those who achieve all the requirements. To be eligable for sainthood a User must first:

  • Achieve 4 main badges (facebook and gender badge not required)
  • Get in the top ten listings for at least 1 category (not including most badges).
  • Perform 1 rrrather miracle.
  • Have at least:
    • 1,000 votes
    • 100 questions
    • 100 profile views

Titles Edit

The Church has a heirarchy of titles for its followers.

Title User Description
God Deidara Supreme diety of the Church. Worshiped by most.
High Priest AlexW The head of the Church.
Patron Saint of Kindness Otakumon
Patron Saint of Sexuality PaidInFull
Patron Saint of Communication Cantthinkofawittyone
Patron Saint of Trolling CRAYON-BOX
Patron Saint of Humour Aussie_Josh
Patron Saint of Knowledge BorogoveLM
Patron Saint of Chat DonkeyPunch
Patron Saint of Unfinished Series Tristeng
Patron Saint of Procrastination  Peritwinkle
Common User Composes over 99% of Users. A common User is just a regular worshipper.
Guest Guests are not Users and therefore must convert before being able to join the Church.