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ayy it's me danielle083 call me olivia or danielle. im a vip user and ive been on here for nearly two years but i was off for a while. lmao people hate me but idc their own faults k idk wot else to say my picture is elmo and i believe that bush did 9/11 and that beyonce and jay z is in the illuminati in one of just songs rewinded it goes "MURDA MURDA JESUS" jesus spelled backwards is susej k. i like twenty one pilots and the hunger games. im married to my lovely husband chandler riggs, or as you know him, carl grimes from the walking dead.

k im done i have a iphone5c if you wanna fight go ahead


extra stuff Edit

guys bush did 9/11 this is danielle083

this isnt facts this is extra stuff u might need to know

jesus christ is the son of the original G

its lovely just listen to it

ok so thats about it

oh yeah and i love the walking dead im marrying chandler riggs

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