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User# 49,072
Date Joined July, 2 2015
Status Active
Profile Page Unknown
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Gender Male
Nationality Imperial
Species Sith lord
DarkSith66 is a rising user in Rrrather. He hails from the star wars galaxy when the sith empire got defeated and fled in exile to Arizona but recently, he moved to Colorado. He plans to take over the world and will start by being the best user on Rrrather.

About Edit

  • He takes a strong interest in politics, updating Rrrather on current events with news stories from all over the world. He also makes other political questions.
  • He is working to improve the Rrrather wiki
  • He has a question series about either leaving Earth or surviving the apocalypse in an underground city:
  • Every December 26th, he holds the User of the Year tournament He only hosted one but never bothered to host the one for 2016.
  • He hosted the 77th Hunger games in the middle of september and is currently holding the 78th Hunger games.

Admirable Users Edit

Hated users Edit

  • OTAIBS (he was banned but came back as socialistcomrade and changed his name to Agamo plus he has a bunch of alt accounts used to bolster his ego)

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