Donnie Darko
Account information
User# 69,666
Date Joined September 11th 2001
Status Fucked usmanc's mom
Profile Page donniedarko
User information
Gender GenderTerrorist
Nationality That water planet from Interstellar
Species Mentally ill human
  • Well he is a very rude and disgusting user.
  • He also had sex with usmanc's mom.
  • He hates geusts although he used to be one for about 3 days.
  • He once posted porn on ratherrr but alexw didn't give a single fuck because donniedarko knows where alexw lives and once came into his house with a real gun shooting at the ceiling threatening to kill him. Donniedarko later deleted the porn, almost no one saw the porn since it was up for only 2 hours.
  • Rumors say donniedarko auctally killed alexw because alexw wasn't active recently.
  • He hates the following users: guests, Julio something, alexw.
  • Hardcore and will post anything he wants to post.

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