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Account information
User# 6,386
Date Joined Aug. 9, 2012
Status Active
Profile Page Unknown
User information
Gender Male
Nationality American
Species Human

Dude5595, also known as Dude, is one of the most influencial users on rrrather. Dude, or Mike, joined August 9th 2012, but only has posted a few questions. Dude is known to interact with other users in the chat, any is a common face on tinychat by night. Dude's sense of style is limited, usually dressed as Ash Ketchum, or shirtless. Dude is enrolled in college currently, studying business administration, with a concentration in marketing, and is known to slack on his work and sleep. It is unknown what consists of Dude's diet, however, it is believed to be whiskey and bagel bites.

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