"I've got moves like Jaguar" -Ekzymore

Ekzymore 725893 swastikagay1-large
Account information
User# 55,115
Date Joined Nov. 14, 2015
Status Active
Profile Page Ekzymore
User information
Gender Male
Nationality American
Species Gay Nazi


Ekzymore is a user that joined in late 2015.

Ekzymore was a candidate in American_Jedi's rrrather presidential election 2016 tournament

Ekzymore-makerrrathergayagainwithoutbg body

Vote Ekzymore for president

His account on the wiki is a completely different story. He has contributed much to the wiki and has helped rebuild it from vandalism by Gary212121. He's a confirmed homosexual and probably autistic. He's an ilovefreedom fanboy though, so that makes up for it.

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