"Mein Fuhrer, My Lover" -Eternal[1]

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User# 41,084
Date Joined February 6th, 2015
Status Active
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Gender Female
Nationality American
Species Human

Bio Edit

Eternal joined the site on February 6th, 2015. She created her profile picture on February 19th, 2015. Eternal quickly fell in love with the site. In just 13 days she became obsessed with the site. As evident in her question:

We know that the period was of thirteen days because of Baitalon's comment.

Eternal became "well-known" after a while due to the large amount of questions she created in her first couple of months. Since then she has declined in question making activity, but she still comments and answers questions regularly.

She has stated before that she loves rrrather and it's community very much.

Personality Edit

Feel free to Edit this

Favorite Users Edit

There are more users she likes. this list will be updated as time goes on.


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