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It was a spring evening when the yiffcat decided to get some milk at the porn shop, Dick-Mart. Yiffcat was skipping like a nose fairy down 5 blocks to Dick-Mart, when a bull with a horns made out of crystalized penis'es appeared out of nowhere. Yiffcat was scared and aroused simaltaniously when he asked "Are you going to sediment...sodamize me?" The lusterious bull with the ionized , erotic horns said "Yeah I am. I'm gonna freeze that ass with my diamond dick horns of penatration." They began to rape eachother all the way to Dick-Mart. When they crashed through the wall into the brown dildo section of the unsuspecting store, they spilled man flesh and vore jizz everywhere. This caused a chemical reaction with the material made to fossilize the brown dildoes; thus, they mutated into giant mutants. The mutant dildo people began their world domination scheme by establishing a dominatrix philanthopist organizations/occult. Yiffcat and...bull...were dematerilzed after the half-life expired during fornication. This odd turn of events caused an explosion that destroyed cilvilization; as a result, fallout assured and earth was torn asunder. This is the beggining of what is to later be called Apocalypse: the raping prophecy." - profile quote

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There is very little that can be said to explain this one particular user. He is a male user who joined back in May of 2013.  His name doesnt include the "ō" (it is supposed to be an "o") used in this article as his very name is considered to be quite the profanity to utter in human culture. He can be very vulgar and he doesnt show any care in doing so. He is from Arizona and thats generally all that will be said.


He enjoys spamming people with random copypasta, his favourite of which was "im goig to blow u all up niggas chalenge me bmasfdjks['" However, on September 20th of 2013, Alexw sent him a private message telling him to cease to post it, because it wasn't acceptable. He is now in a giant depression.