"More psycho ;)"

"I try to be nice, people just remind me that I hate them all." -favsallover

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Date Joined August 26th, 2015
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Gender Female
Nationality American
Species Human

Favsallover is a 15 year old user who joined in late August.

She is a Christian.

Her birthday is on November 12th

She's very protective of people she cares about.

Also, on the inside she's 100% crazy....and she likes food...Loves food.

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About favsallover Edit

Her favorite food is nachos, her favorite color is purple, her favorite animal is horse, her favorite planet is Saturn, her favorite musical artist is Ed Sheeran, her favorite superhero is Batman.She also likes food, reading, and music.

Her real name is Bethany, so you can call her that or Favs. Either is fine. She's a a Scorpio and she's best at comforting people and making them feel better. She doesn't like most people because they like testing her and pissing her off. So she hates them back. Her first resort is to be rude and cold but that's because her bad side is incredibly dominant over her good side when it comes to humans. She's really protective of her friends and family. But don't feel nervous to come to her if you want to talk. Just try to stay on her small, but existent good side.

Other stuff Edit

She is scared of spiders, snakes, sharks, heights, being touched, clowns, tight spaces, falling, eggs, fire, and lightning.

She's doing a series of questions about her drawings.

Hates trolls and spammers

Friends/Liked Users:

Hated Users/Enemies:

  • Bishop36, SirMacdonald1 (SAME PERSON, OBVIOUSLY!)
  • Everyone else


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