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GeoffreyDom is one of the most loved user on the site. For the first few months of her account a vast majority were convinced that she was a dude. She regularly compliments fellow users and posts quite funny remarks, most being anti-semetic.

Background Edit

GeoffreyDom was born in the great plains of Abraham on July 43rd, 1901. At the age of 12 she learned to walk and speak basic English. From 1963-98 she was a lesbian until she met Jason Statham. Since 1999 she has lived as a gypsy. She was arrested for cocaine possession in 2007 but the charges were dropped when the police realized that it was just baking soda she had perchased with the intent to bake. GeoffreyDom passed away in the summer of '13 due to cardiac arrest. She is not missed. She spends the remainder of her time in pergatory on rrrather.

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