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Happynote Edit

  • Happynote is a 9 year old user from Flordia 
  • She is one of the more funny users on Rrrather 
  • Even though she's 9 she occasionally makes not so innocent questions 
  • One moment she is goofy,the next she will be writing the most philosophical thing.
  • She is a proud pegasister
  • She is a huge geek
  • She loves Vsauce
  • She loves jacksepticeye
  • She spends most of her days on her laptop
  • She does not get offended at all
  • She loves music and art
  • With the exception of this bullet, this entire page was written by her. For those of you who couldn't tell.
  • Although she is 9, she knows more than you might think. [Citation Needed]
    • More egocentric shit *

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