Account information
User# 6,615
Date Joined Aug. 21, 2012
Status Active
Profile Page Unknown
User information
Gender Female
Nationality American
Species Filipino
Heyitscece, also known as Cindy or Cece, is an 18 year old veteran user from California. She is a user of great importance. Once a frequent of chat she had become very popular among older users. She is known for her food related questions and her love affairs. She is known to prey on unsuspecting male users. Once she attracts one she sucks out his life source until nothing is left. She will discard the cold empty shell that was once a male user and move on to another victim.

Aside from her love relations, Cindy was known to share a very close friendship with VannaBanana due to discovering they both like bubble milk teas and cuddling with pillow pets. The reasoning behind their strong friendship bond was because "asians must stick together". Their friendship is one of the most well known in all of rrrather history, and is rather unbreakable.

Besides socializing with other users on the site, she likes to cook new recipes, singing karaoke, being outdoors, go on shopping sprees, and loves to travel out of state and country. She is deemed to have "more of a life" than other users, since she is only active half of the time.

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