Account information
User# 32,748
Date Joined Aug. 24th, 2014
Status Inactive
Profile Page Jrob196
User information
Gender Male
Nationality Canadian
Species Canadian
"Sometimes to reach the light, we must venture through the shadows."

About Jrob Edit

Jrob is a twenty year old user from Canada who originally signed up during august of 2014. He contributes a good number of questions to the site, is a frequent user of the rrrather chat, and has decided to no longer make comments. He is a diamond user and is known for being a massive nerd in regards to Pokemon and being everyone's bae. He used to be known for having the infamous "Wall of Fame" on his profile where he recognized users' quotes in chat and inducted them to be written in stone. He's scared to put multiple quotes from one user because he doesn't want them to get fame.

He became the User of the Year for 2015 in DarkSith65's user tournament.

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