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hello xD Im KayLuvsWur And I've been on rrrather for apprixoiamtely 148 day's now! Yeah! That's More Than 21 weeks!!!! The first thing I went to, as a noob, was chat And some very lovely people greeted me as SOON as I came. I have a HUGE crush on jbradley too!!!Edit

Ariana Grande - The Way ft

Ariana Grande - The Way ft. Mac Miller

Ariana Grande- The way

People On RRRather:::::::::

I don't think I have a favorite person or, least favorite person you guys are all awesome. LOVE U GUYS!!

There is not one person that I don't like, cuz all of u are wonderful :PPPPPPP

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If you ever come across my profile page, You SHOULD.should,should,should Message me, I mostly come on everyday, and I'm very active

(On chat, makes questions, comments alot etc.,) 

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Favorite Users: NONE (If you want to be on my list, well work for it.)

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