The Kingdom Of Gangs is a wattpad story created by Lautye, the idea of gangs is taken from The Warriors and the idea of being a wattpad story of Rrrather User is taken from Hunger Games ( A wattpad series created by That_Person )

Next there is a table showing the gangs and a short description.

Las Aguilas De Sangre. Edit

Las Aguilas De Sangre is the gang that American_Jedi is the leader of, Their logo? Some cool eagles and a skull, the whole gang has a guerilla military uniform, they're all soldiers ready to attack when they have to, the heir of American_Jedi is eternal. The gang is formed by : Enochc, American Jedi , Kecoak, AppleCupPhone, Anameok, Bad_Wolf, Socrates, Aplejaxxx, and Eternal.

The Faggots Edit

The Faggots have an interesting Group Set,  Julio, Happynote, Onexxx, Fagg?t, Jomarc, Kayluvswur, Shyanna, donkeypunch and Crayon-Box are all the users in this gang, Julio is the leader and also the most bigger faggot of all the gang, Happynote is the scout of the gang, he just defends the gang and stays in the " gang house " to defend, every time he goes to missions is just to spy if there's any danger, but not a great fighter, The 2nd leader is crayonbox, he performs the what the leader says and haves lots of freedom with the whole gang. If crayonbox dies donkeypunch will be the new 2nd leader. Their uniforms, they're shirtless and they only wear jeans and shoes, their logo is a cock ( Animal )

The Champions Edit

The Champions is the gang that rat is the leader off, they all wear blue bomber jackets, the leader, rat, wears a red bomber jacket, the soldiers of the gang are me, matthew2, HashSlingingSlasher,Usmanc, Mikey, Mindlesspie, Freedom, and Travis. The best soldier is Travis, and he is also in the charge of being the leader when the mission it's attacking other gangs, there is also a grafitti artist of the gang, Mikey, And the last one the scout he just defends the gang and stays in the " gang house " to defend, everytime he goes to missions is just to spy if there's any danger, but not a great fighter, the scout is HashSlingingSlasher, the heir of Rat is Freedom ( Ilovefreedom ) They have a cool flaming snake in a skull as a logo.

The Weirdos of rrrather Edit

The leader of this gang is EvilinPink, and also it's formed by Tasnemm, The lemon of power , Dragah, MustaKrakish, Usmanc Brother, Chupacabra, Noodle_Designer and Lumalee. There is no heirs in this gang or a right hand, their uniforms is grey shirts and black jeans, They have a mouth sticking out his tongue and his name inside of it as their logo, Pretty weird, huh?

Then the 5th and last gang is The Cancers, their name sucks so they don't deserve to have a block as a description, The cancer gang is formed by A ramdom guest, Iliveinanigloo, Twekindolphin, Jrob, lautye's mom, That_Person, Alexw ( the leader ) Chupacabra's evil clone, and Sodium All of their members wear blue denim jackets or vests with their logo on the back, ( which is just their name ) There is two liutenants which are basically the leaders because the actual leader of the gang is too lazy to do his job, these lieutenants are Jrob and TwerkinDolphin/AnonymousDuck, They seem to be shitty, but they are more tough than what you imagine.

Plot Edit

Will be added by lautye

Gang's Logos Edit

Will be added by a wiki contributor because lautye is too lazy to log in wikia and he can't upload pictures.

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