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Another user of this website - First profile page

Background Edit

Lautye also known leitor (anon67 only called lautye like that) is an user from argentina joined on December 1st, 2015, he's a 50/50 hated user of this site, also, he loved potatoes in a special way.

Chat Edit

Lautye is very calm down in chat and pacifist, even tho sometimes he can get a little sassy.

How he discovered rrrather Edit

Lautye discover rrrather searching for the site "would you rather" and this one appeared instead so he gave it a try.

Profile pic pictures Edit

1: glasses and a moustache

2: guy with a " no image " sign in the head

3: 57c33f53e8ce2e15f03d3f9d8570a171.jpg stickman saying " don't like me? cool, i don' wake up every morning to like you "

4: 8DtpgWJB_400x400.jpeg a guy touching his tie

5: him

Holy fuck it changes so much i'm out

Facts Edit

Pets Edit

Lautye had 2 pets, a dog and a cat, which you can see here , they both are named william ( the cat ) and sam, the dog, Sam sadly died on october 2, of 2016.

Currently, he found a duck in the street, and decided to make him his pet, his name is still unknown and wants to make rrrather friends choose this duck's name.

Ironically, all the pets he had ( Unless 2 dalmatian dogs he had when kid ) are all from the street.

Hated users

Users he likes 50/50 users Favorite users The BEST users
ilovefreedom RedEagle Usmanc Mindlesspie Anameok
Extrasausagepizza Hasana SwiggitySweg TwerkinDolphin -CriticalDrive-
Boo-Rad Anon67 Darksith Jrob196 NeonSpectre

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