Ducky Mcducky ll
Account information
User# 57,336
Date Joined June 27
Status Dead
Profile Page Cuack
User information
Gender Male
Nationality Irak
Species Ducks

History Edit

Ducky seems to be like alter ego of lautye, or a character created by him, not much history is knowed about him, but he is in control of lautye's account and lautye's twin.

Background Edit

Ducky Mcflurry ll seems to have a father or a brother, because his name has a ll, ( second ) in his name, also a pretty big fan of mcdonalds[1], and also called Ducky jr by lautye.

" How he was born " Edit

Lautye wanted to send pms to get everyone online into the chat, calling it a party, so he pruchased a lot of cocaine, and has to sell it and don't get caught, and leaved Ducky in charge of his profile,

He entered to chat and meeted his first user, POpCoRn and haved a talk with him.

Later, he introduced himself in a question, which was deleted, the next day he changed lautye's profile, and his last activity was a comment in a question

Personality Edit

Ducky's personality in chat Edit

Ducky seems to ask a lot about people, " what's your name, what's your age, what's your favorite colour, etc ". as you can see this are the typical questions asked in a chat.

also tells people how they look in real life, how's their life, how was your day, when he doesn't have more questions to ask, he leaves chat.

Ducky's personality in comments Edit

Even if ducky only posted 1 comment, he seems to be very energetic, and also proofs that in questions.

( the only pm that was sended was a pm to alexw saying he disable adblocker )

Death Edit

Ducky Mcflurry died at 5 of july for unknown reasons and lautye was able to get his account again.

Gallery Edit


A self protrait made by himself.

Ratty cakey

The best friend of ducky, ratty bakey.


Ducky drawned by an artist/ a remake of his original pic.

Non sense

Ducky and his crush ( as you can see, this is also painted by ducky )

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