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"Hi, you Smurftastic person! I hope you have a wonderful day!" - profile qoute

 Mimismurf joined rrrather on April 12th, 2013. She loves Smurfs and Katy Perry very much and displays her affection in many of her comments and questions on rrrather. 

Katy Perry - Firework

Katy Perry - Firework


About MimismurfEdit

Mimismurf lives in the state of Massachusetts with her mother, father, and sister. She has green eyes, light brown hair, and is 5'3. Mimi loves listening to pop music, especially if it is something by Katy Perry. She also loves being happy and is known for her happiness around rrrather. 

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Two of Mimismurf's favorite things are Smurfs and Katy Perry.

Mimismurf has asked the 13th most questions on rrrather, with over 550. She strives to ask questions actually containing the phrase "Would you rather", but she does have plenty of questions without it. 

Mimismurf has contributed almost 4,000 comments. Almost 200 of those are about either Smurfs or Katy Perry. She averages about .8 "Thumbs Up" per comment. 

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