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Who is nintendogirl? Edit

nintendogirl , who joined on July 21,2013. She is an extremely crazy fan of nintendo and also likes anime. She has 230 questions, 826 comments (not much) and 107 profile views.

her favorite and unfavorite usersEdit

Annoying users(extremely annoying to annoying):

Tiansa,appleormac,Mimismurf,alexw, anameok, justiceo,KayLuvsWurPeritwinkle,Thelord444,,paidlnfull  and GreyG


her least favorite users are (bad to worst):

pinksparkles, justin1105, and 7R0LL


heres  the gallery of her favorite users

Nintendogirls enemy (Kushi) (NINTENDONTGIRLENEMY)Edit

Kushi aka (rrrather username: NINTENDONTGIRLENEMY) is nintendogirls cousin. Kushi is a devil in desuise that tries to learn peoples weaknesses by examining them for a while then hurting them by words and light actions on them. 

 during the night of August 18, 2013 nintendogirl