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Account information
User# 49,095
Date Joined Jul. 2, 2015
Status Closed
Profile Page
User information
Gender Male
Nationality American
Species Cancer
  • For now, his account is called cockmeatsandvich
  • he is the arch nemesis of darksith66
  • He (OTAIBS) and darksith66 both joined on the same day on July 2nd
  • he was an alright user until a week before getting banned when he started posting porn links in applejaxx's questions and calling dark sith, darkshit66
  • shortly after getting banned, he made a new account called socialistcomrade
  • many months later, he changed his username to agemo
  • this account was also deleted
  • then he came back as cockmeatsandvich
  • he also made a few alt accounts such as terrorist and darkshit66

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