"my booty is mine, it belongs to me, you can only fuck my booty"    

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Account information
User# 47,613
Date Joined June 1st, 2015
Status Active
Profile Page Unknown
User information
Gender Transgender
Nationality Iraqi
Species Human

Bio Edit

Platinumstar22 also known as Plat or Platypus is a 6 year old. Yes, he is really 6 years old and is an asshole of the bitchy variety currently hiding out in an oceanic nation known as Australia. He is currently included as a foot soldier in ISIS and stays at camp in the night using on the internet.

rrrather Edit

when on rrrather he enjoys making would you rather questions that aren't would you rather questions, besides that he likes to go on chat he is a very idiotic lad and because of this he is hated due to because he thinks he is so over-smart and plays with his mama's dildo in Hyde Park always.

Likes Edit

  • Vagina
  • Licking cum
  • Drinking Vomit Milkshake.

Quotes Edit

  • "neeeeeeeeerd!"
  • "Ew [insert word]"
  • "hah lesbo"
  • "in the head of my vagina.......wait"
  • "the planet don't get me b*tches"
  • "I am the working of a demon I shall be burnt with fire in the name of the dildo"

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