A profile page is a unique feature that all users have. It displays certain information about the users for others to see. Users also have options in customizing their page.

Information dislpayed Edit

There is a lot of infromation to find about the user on his/her profile page. This includes:

  • profile picture
  • badges
  • username
  • user number
  • date joined
    DonkeyPunch's profile page

    DonkeyPunch's profile page

  • total votes
  • total questions
  • total comments
  • total profile views
  • profile description
  • complete list of questions
  • complete list of comments
  • list of user questions lists created

Profile description Edit

Users are given the oportunityy to create their own profile description. You can put almost anything you want as long as it follow the rules. Some users choose to post links, a short decription of themselves, quotes, peoms, etc.

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