Rrrather Question

Example of a typical Question

Questions are the lifeblood of rrrather. Questions are usually a query made by a user, and always have two options to choose from. After a user asks a question, they must give two answers, and provide a picture to go along with each one. Users also have the option of adding a description below the question and adding tags such as "Politics" or "Situational" that help categorize them.


After the user makes and submits a question, it is put on the "Newest" page and can be voted on by anyone that sees it. But the question still must be approved by Alexw before it is put on the site. Alexw approves the majority of questions, but reserves and uses the power to erase any question from the site if it is inappropriate. Reasons for an image being inappropriate include vulgar images (pornography, gore, etc.), if the questions are being used a spam, or if the question simply contributes nothing to the site.

Question DetailsEdit

Two major things are available on questions: Comments and Statistics.

Comments allow people to leave commentary on the question, explain why they chose their answer, or mention something related to the question, among other things.

Statistics give details on specific groups of people who answer questions. Statistics include the number of people of each Gender and Country who have answered the question, as well as the percentage of people who picked each answer in that specific group.

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