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RandomGuy, also known as Random, RendimGay (by Jrob), or RG, joined the site on May 22, 2013. He is a derf who has not contributed much in the way of questions, but he often comes on chat. He is most known for having a conjoined twins fetish and just being damn gay. He lives in Wisconsin, the same state that Pinksparkles is from.

Conjoined Twins & Other ThingsEdit

While very few (Tiansa and Gumgoo) actually enjoy conjoined twins like he does, pretty much everyone else either ignores this quality of his or are severely creeped out by it like normal human beings. He's managed to get Tiansa to do a series of conjoined twin questions after showing him a few "interesting" pictures (conjoined twin stuff he found on Deviantart. (The amount of questions made was not Random's choice, Tiansa just overdid it and got hated on because of that. He was chased out of rrrather the next day, only to come back an hour later).

Random FactsEdit

-Refers to each of his profile pics as "incarnations" (Too much Doctor Who)

-Is about as awesome as Tiansa, his rrrather brother