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User# 40,081
Date Joined January 15th, 2015
Status Active
Profile Page Unknown
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Gender Female
Nationality Austrian
Species Solanaceae
RebelliousPotato, previously known as tmr_obsessed is a 14 year old user who lives in Austria. Not being Rebellious or a Potato, there is not much left in her username, though she makes the best of this. She has an unconditional love for potatoes as well as sushi, and likes to point this out. She is a crazy fangirl and you might catch her making certain references every now and then.

Even though she has has an account for over a year, she was inactive for approximately 6 months. Now she is back.

Some of the users she likes include RedEagle, SodiumMindlessPie, Usmanc, An_Immortal_Guy, Eternal and SwedenBeawer

Random FactsEdit

  • She is an atheist ( shhh don't tell ilovefreedom xD )
  • She has arachnophobia
  • She loves bands (OneRepublic, Imagine Dragons, FOB, The Cab, P!ATD-not really a band anymore...)
  • She's biologically Indian
  • She's never been to America 

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