The Republic of Rrrather is a political entity that is ruled by Rrrather users and headed by Tristeng. In the beginning, it was a measly nation that did not have a place in international politics until it was attacked by North Korea and proceeded to invade the country. There are currently two alternate timelines in Rrrather: One in which they migrated to space and took over Alpha Centauri, the canon ending in which they constructing laser satellites and ruled the world, and one in which they stayed and WW3 never happened.

Rrrather can best be described as a direct democracy with socialist economics.

As of January 4th, 2015 the Republic has collapsed due to economic instability.

History of the Republic Edit

Policies of the Republic Edit

There are many policies that the Republic has created, most of which were voted on by the people through democratic means. These policies include...

  • Having strict border security
  • Establishing a free market system
  • Making a free healthcare system
  • Allowing corporate donations to political parties
  • Establishing a liberal democracy
  • Legalizing Marijuana
  • Introducing Progressive Taxation
  • Establishing anti-poverty measures to decrease crime
  • Legalizing public nudity (Note: This was the closest decision ever made in the Republic, 51% voted yes)
  • Strengthening the military
  • Banning extremist political groups
  • Banning public monitoring by the government
  • Seperating Church and State
  • Establishing new Education budgets
  • Requiring convicts to donate blood