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Anime WOULD YOU RATHER questions-0

Anime WOULD YOU RATHER questions-0

A video posted to rrrather's official YouTube channel showing off the top 5 best anime questions, plus there's a half naked chick!

Rrrather was a site created by Internet entrepreneur Alex Walter in January 2011. On rrrather users of the site submit questions to the general public. Generally questions start with 'would you rather' but have branched out to include questions such as 'do you prefer' and some political questions. Users are allowed to comment on questions, and some questions have as many as 16,000 comments on them.
  • There was an attempt to create a Rrrather youtube channel but it got little support and has only a few videos
  • you can get a diamond if you contributed a lot to the website though some users get it sooner than others *cough* Darksith66 *cough*

Asking QuestionsEdit

Questions are what keep the rrrather users interested in joining the site. To create a question, click on the quetsion mark in the upper right hand section of the page. Once there, you will need to choose your question, options, and pictures for them. If you would like to post an explanation or post tags, you can do that too. If you are new to the site, alexw will accept your question in about a day. If you have a history of posting questions that get approved, it goes up automatically, and alexw verifies them at a later time. 

Posting commentsEdit

Posting comment is another great way to contribute to the website. Posting comments is simple. To post a comment, simply click on the comment box and type what you wanted to type. Then hit enter. When you post a comment, your location (state,region or country) will be posted.

If someone likes your comment, they might put a thumbs up on it. The most thumbs ups ever received on a comment is over 2900!