The Rrrather Awards are the awards on rrrather done by DaSavior because he noticed how everyone wanted an awards show, so he decided to give it to them.

2014 Categories, Nominees, and Results (Note: Some nominees had to be added later on)

- User of the Year: Cantthinkofawittyone, Peritwinkle, Otakumon, DonkeyPunch, DaSavior, Aussie_Josh, Chupacabra, CRAYON-BOX, MikelPickle, tristeng, VannaBananna, jomarc, alexw

Winner: Cantthinkofawittyone

- Question Maker of the Year: Cantthinkofawittyone, jackw, christianr, Iamarg, dragah, WhiteSun, Deidara, American84

Winner: dragah

- Species of the Year: Bridge, Fox, Sloth, Owl, Conjoined Twin, Centaurs, Chupacabras, Humans

Winner: Owl

- Hated User of the Year: Ilovefreedom, Cantthinkofawittyone, DonkeyPunch, DaSavior, TerryJuice, SEXYDUDE, anon67

Winner: ilovefreedom

- Most Wanted to Return (Requested by VannaBananna): Crazyxchixo, mrsladylee, 7R0LL, dallasb, pinksparkles

Winner: Crazyxchixo

- Sexual User of the Year: Chupacabra, DaSavior, Travis261, American84, PaidlnFull, Cantthinkofawittyone

Winner: PalidnFull

- N00biest User of the Year: TerryJuice, Crazy, anon67, DaSavior, Travis261, Ilovefreedom

Winner: TerryJuice

- Otaku of the Year(WhiteSun): Otakumon, WhiteSun, CRAYON-BOX, KineticFirefliez, RogueCheney, MeetSpirit

Winner: Otakumon

- Libertarian of the Year(Ilovefreedom): ddemorst, Ilovefreedom

Winner: ilovefreedom

- Annoying User of the Year(letsgowild12): CRAYON-BOX, Crazy, DonkeyPunch/MattDamon, DaSavior, anon67, SEXYDUDE, ilovefreedom, jbradley, Gareth_Bale11, TerryJuice


- Male User of the Year(American84): American84, Gareth_Bale11, dragah, Ilovefreedom, jackw, cloudsili, Bad_Wolf, QuestMan, 1111

Winner: dragah

- Female User of the Year(American84): dmj312, Zoe-Mellor, mimismurf, Danielle083, Shyanna, ChronicRose, heyitscece, BrittanyS-Pierce, sassynopants

Winner: sassynopants

- Unappereciated User of the Year(kylec4): BrittanyS-Pierce, sassynopants, jackw, Dreamie, GuestFromArkansas1, Chupacabra, Agent34, christianr, scarf, -CriticalDrive-, mattk2, PsychedelicRenegade

Winner: sassynopants and christianr

- Most Likely to Breakout in 2015: darklightz, Pryomania314, meatballhere, maweapoo, sp00y_skeleton, MasterBlaze420, redtigerboy, blakew2, MeetSpirit, WhiteSun

Winner: meatballhere

- Host of the Year: Dasavior, VannaBananna

Winner: DaSavior

- Young User of the Year: TerryJuice, Gareth_Bale11, maweapoo, Travis261, thomasstanleya, Abe_Lincon, GoldenFish, superkidny, MeetSpirit, WhiteSun

Winner: TerryJuice

- Catchphrase of the Year: "CHUPAFLY!" - Chupacabra, "Seems less faggy." - Cantthinkofawittyone, "Neither." - Users on a question they don't want to vote for, "And I shall do it with pride." - DaSavior, "You're a fgt." - CRAYON-BOX, "I like men." - jbradley

Winner: "Neither." - Users on a question they don't want to vote for

Mini Awards:

Craziest User of the Year: Crazy

Nicest User of the Year: Otakumon

- Who qualified but failed: funmaster13

Most Arrogant User of the Year: SEXYDUDE

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