The Rrrather website is host to a large quanity of questions asking for the opinions of various on site users. The results of these questions are often left forgotten and later asked again by those who haven't bothered to check what's been previously done. The Rrrather Opionato™ is a comprehensive list of these opinions and reflect the overall ideals of the rrrather community. Future questions may be made yielding different results as to be expected with the ever changing userbase, therefor the opinions in this section may be subject to change. Anything added within this section must come with a complementary link to prove the validity of said opinion.

Politics Edit

Rrrather is pro-homo

World peace has a higher importance than personal power

Sex positive feminism > sex negative

Rrrather has mixed opinions on legalization marijuana

Rrrather approves of free health care

Entertainment Edit

Videogames are better than movies

The Joker is the most badass movie character ever

Internet Culture Edit

Vine is vastly inferior to youtube

People usually don't pay attention to who makes the questions

People would rather enter Shreks swamp without permission than enter a terrorists training camp alone

Pewdiepie is the best youtuber

Religion Edit

Rrrather has mixed opinions on what created the universe

Various Edit

Going into the future is cooler than going into the past

True love is more important than money, but just barely

Time and money are equally important

Looks are more important than intelligence to rrrather, but just barely

Target is better than Walmart

Rrrather prefers chairs over tables but just barely

Rrrather would prefer death over life in prison, but just barely

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