Rrrather sub-urban theories  is a copy of urban theories, i mean an weekly active type of urban theories, with theories, stories, and information about the recent killer, created by lautye.


The section of theories is the first " event ", and almost as important as the killer.

this section have 2 theories about weird questions and/or things that people say in chat, YOU can talk about one of those in comments, and the creator gonna talk to you about it, and could have a nice chat about being real or fake.

but remember, this are meant to be fictional, and talk of it in chat is some type of role-play, more like acting.


This section is the second " event ", and very short and not important,  cause they're all fan-stories.

This section is a type of challenge about making a story of a user by choosing only 3 questions, and the user is the main character, but it's in first person- telled. ( does that word exist? lol xd )

and that type of humor.

Rrrather killerEdit

This section is the third and main event, even if it's not that big.

This section is not very good in the first articles,  but will be more better when they're gonna be more clues, and etc.

This killer sends pm's to people and get's personal information, if victims don't want to colaborate, he aks for some account on facebook, twitter, etc.

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