Users who's username begins with S.

scarf Edit

Scarf has multiple obsessions. For some reason she gets mistaken for a guy. And contrary to what people may believe, she hardly ever wears scarves.

Scarf also created the first birthday scenario game question , but not a lot of people know that.  She has her own horse which is super awesome, and also likes writing things. She has also been trying to write a novel for months. Scarf's birthday is also on the same day that alexw created his account.


This stone cold stud is ready for a good time all the time. 

Sodium Edit

Sodium is an uber salty being who is super chill and well liked.


Svamp is an amazing swedish person and his penis is bigger then urs. He has probably fked ur mother like 37 times. Svamp goes from home to home at Christmas and bangs the parents of children everywhere, like a perverted Sanity Claws. A doctor has warned him if he keeps this up he will die of a hart attack. Not only did he disobey the doctor but he bent him over and boned the life out of him. So when you wake up in middle of the night to the sound of your parents screaming for mercy know that its Svamp spreading his Christmas cheer... and progeny.

Specter Edit

Likes to perform suicide wanks on Fridays. Before she was a female.