Account information
User# 43,924
Date Joined March 30th, 2015
Status Active
Profile Page SebaxU
User information
Gender Female
Nationality American
Species Human

SebaxU is a decently known user on the site, SebaxU arrived in March 30th, 2015 in the "The Site is Shit" era and is the 43,924th user to join. SebaxU's gender is uncertain due to the fact that (s)he changes genders to confuse newcomers but claims that (s)he is a guy. The badges that this user has earned are the Female Gender Badge, the Gold Medal Badge, the Gold Trophy Badge, the Superstar Badge, and the Diamond Badge. SebaxU has gotten only one of his question on the homepage and is mainly known for his unfunny and stupid comments and a bunch of (gay) anime related questions and other questions. SebaxU is a fan of anime and is what the kids call these days, "a weeaboo faggot", (s)he also enjoys memes and unfortunately has been diagnosed with c r i p p l i n g d e p r e s s i o n . If you're gonna ask, no, I do not have a waifu.

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