On a fine morning of 8/3/2016, 2 rrratherers named Shavam and Joker started an argument on who is popular. Joker ended up making the question, they decided to make it a 8 hour battle. For the first hour, Joker was up winning 75 percent-25percent. On the third hour, Joker was still winning 61 percent-39 percent. At the end of the battle, there was a big surprise as Shavam won 58 percent-42 percent. Joker felt ashamed and deleted the question, hence creating a new one. Shavam remarked this as cheating. This created quite a stir in the chat-room especially the likes of NintendoGirl, YomokoGirl, Boo-Rad marked them as annoying. The battle ended during the early morning of 9/3/2016 as the news spread like rapid fire and came under the attention of alexw (Founder of rrrather) who immediately deleted the voting question and brought a sudden end to this battle. Although this is disputable, people remark this as a disputable victory for Shavam by 16 percent.

This is Ghost signing out.

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