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User# 7,855
Date Joined Oct. 31, 2012
Status Inactive
Profile Page Unknown
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Gender Female
Nationality Slovene-Canadian
Species She-devil

I'm a strict "Soul only diet". Eat souls, drink souls, fuck 'em. Do you know how boring it is to fuck a soul?

Shyanna is one of the older vets who use to go to the site before it degraded into what it is today. Any veteran user who went to the site from 2012 to 2014 knows who she. A great way to determine whether a specific user is a noob or not can be done by asking said user whether they know Shyanna. If they don't it's very likely they are in fact a noob. She never cared for the wiki because she was too cool for this shit so she never actually wrote anything on this page aside from the small excerpt at the beginning.

Alts Edit

- Aetas

- RandomGhostShyanna

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