SmartPerson tXIO2UkW
Account information
User# 68,590
Date Joined March 24, 2016
Status Active
Profile Page SmartPerson
User information
Gender Male
Nationality Albanian
Species Human

SmartPerson is an Albanian Rrrather user who lives in Canada. He is a big Juventus fan. SmartPerson, as you can see from his name, is very smart. He loves Math and Science and is great at Football (Soccer). SmartPerson also supports the Albanian and Italian National Football (Soccer) Team. He joined Rrrather on March 24, 2016 and posts questions almost every day. SmartPerson is white.

In the beginning of his Rrrather career, SmartPerson mainly posted Jimmy Neutron questions and was disliked by many users. However, he then started making a bunch of logical questions and tournaments. His favorite users are: Kinggabe221, American_Jedi and Usmanc.

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