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"Don't make your life short and sweet, make it long and salty." - Sodium

About Sodium

Sodium is a popular 16 year old user who lives in two countries - but is mostly based in England. You may find that she comments from one part of the world and is at the other side of the world the next day. Speaking of which, she is bilingual and wants to be trilingual but she can't do modern languages for life so she turned to pursue her passion for Latin instead. 

She's the saltiest user so don't expect her to be sweet. Even if you felt some of her comments mean and salty, she's not a hater and she likes a lot of people.  

MindlessPie proposed to her with a diamond on the 11th of February 2017, with the help of alexw. They're getting married in about 420 days <3

More about Sodium

  • She's obsessed with musicals (her fav is Wicked).
  • Her favourite musical artists include Hollywood Undead, Mayday Parade, Cage The Elephant and BØRNS.
  • She represents England in fencing
  • Dank memes are her specialty
  • She wants to work for a major record label company or an art gallery later in life.
  • She can beat you up in Pokemon lol

Some of the users she likes include RebelliousPotato, platinumstar22, ASaberToothTigerHammySanvich, Rat, GoldenMoon78 and usmanc.


  • Best food combination - Her first tournament on rrrather, it was fairly successful because everyone likes food
  • Fictional city tournament - 1000th list to ever be created on rrrather. It features many of the cities in which your favourite TV series or movie takes place in.
  • Mean Girls cliques - Popular series of questions that asks which table would the user sit in of all the cliques from North Shore High school, from Mean Girls.

Notable quotes

"Go bowling with mewtwo and play golf with Jesus"
"People who commit suicide should be hanged."
"Holy shit guys, I decided to trust all those ads about getting shredded and enlarging your penis, IT WORKED!"
"Alright, so what you got to do is, tear lettuce into bite size pieces, combine the lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, onions and the olives in a large salad bowl. To make dressing, combine avocado, lemon juice, sour cream, oil, sugar, garlic salt and chili powder and mix until smooth in a blender. Toss the salad and the dressing with crushed chips last and that's how you fix the tip of the headphone jack stuck inside an electronic back port."
Adventure rhyme

Overall though, she's very chill and welcome to be anyone's friend. 

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