Did boo-rad leave because one of the most stupid ways? Edit

Yes, boo-rad leaving is more touched than a penis in puberty, but the thing is he maybe leaved of a very,very stupid way.

I know that boo-rad says that he leaved cause the site is ruining his life but... did he realize that after leaving?

welcome to game theory, just joking i don't steal theories.

but he just leaved because a question? yes, well maybe this are theories but, if you search in the comments and read explanation, you can find, boo-rad leaving comment, 3 weeks ago, and boo-rad didn't say nothing about it 3 weeks ago, and in the 3 questions i founded about it, it was a joke.

Link Edit

Usmanc, he's fine. Edit

Most of people think he's dead, but, is he just sick?

he confirmed he was good later, and started making questions, that's it, simple

¿isn't it?


yeah, that was trash, and that was all the theories.

A new story in sub-urban theories ( and a rhyme ) Edit

I was just thiking.. what about i mix videogames, and rrrather?

That's so stupid it maybe will be a good story.

the idea is, in this story world, rrrather is not a webpage, is a city, a secret villain hacked into rrrather and rrrather users were putted in videogame world, each episose the members have to get trough videogames, and alexw in real life ( rrrather city ) have to get trough, and meet that villain.

The rrrather killer Edit

I don't have more suspects, but have more clues.

( if you want to see the older suspects, click here.,_stories,_and_the_rrrather_killer. )

maybe it's not the great clue but, the killer have the golden crown badge.

this is not a well explained clue and maybe can't be true.

so, as we know the killer explores users social sites ( like facebook ) and how the killer can get many likes?

having friends in facebook, users from rrrather.

everyone with this badge, is now a suspect.


Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up03:33

Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up

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