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TehEditor is the official editor, judge, jury, and executioner to the rrrather wiki. he does most of the work for the site so send any of your complaints, needs, and death threats over to him.


Very little is known about the man other than the fact that he obviously a man as stated by this statement. He did not create the wiki but he lovingly adopted it and looks after and contribute the most to it. He is known for writing and editing most user pages on this site including the one right here. He is a user on rrrather but his true identity has yet to be disclosed. He is a technical genius and an absolute powerhouse when it comes to setting up pages and profiles. He is great at collecting data on users and archives most of everything in this wiki. don't plan on editing anything of his without him finding out because you will go to hell before you die and be banned from rrrather and the internet itself. Trust me his dad works for Nintendo. He was very active during the wiki's beginning but became inactive until recently near the end of 2015, where he now does his part to help make the wiki a very informative and accurate place to help document the rich culture and history behind the site of rrrather. Since February 2016, that responsibility has shifted over to Darksith66 who is working to keep it up to date though he and mindlesspie did fight a brief war over Lostmoon15's page before the latter locked it (she's an admin).


Write the second section of your page here. Haha i think i have done enough for today defualt wiki.


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