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Gender Female
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Species Human

ThatOneFabulousLlama is a fabulous llama who refuses to tell her age. Her goal is to get a diamond without asking.

Likes/dislikes Edit

She doesn't like Ilovefreedom

RedEagle is a rrrather friend of hers.

She likes AppleJaxxx, MindlessPie, and more.

She loves cats and llamas and sloths, and animal crackers.

Stuff nobody cares about Edit

She doesn't curse for reasons I don't know.

Llama Llama llama, who is this big llama, startin all this drama?

Her senpai is Hashslingingslasher.

She has 2 cats, and often goes on chat.

She likes llamas

and generators

and cats

she wants an iphone 6 and a kitten for christmas.

she is from florida

Here is some of her words of wisdom:


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