The Rrrather Purge was an event that took place on August 21, 2016. It resulted in the account bans of two users: Boo-Rad and ilovefreedom. As of this moment they have not been unbanned.

Leading up to the Purge Edit

For some time there had been a lull on rrrather. Alexw had been off the site for 12 days by the time he finally returned and question production was low due to alexw having to accept all questions by users with less than 10 previously accepted questions. The whereabouts of alexw were unknown and he was presumed dead by many. As time went by with no signs of alexw, many users grew uneasy and talks of rebellion began. On August 21, 2016 ilovefreedom made the first move. He posted a questions with explicit images. This was followed by Boo-Rad declaring he will join the "ban train." Boo-Rad followed by posting two questions with explicit images. This created tension within the rrrather community. Supporters saw this as a just act of rebellion while opponents believed this went against rrrather's family values. This led one user, christianr, to take a stance against the two users. He was unable to go through with reporting the two as alexw had come online not long later and started the purge.

The Purge Edit

The Purge was quick. It started with the deletion of the questions and followed with the account banishments of the two users. This was led by protest primarily led by Travis261. He sought to defend his brothers' honours and reinstate their accounts. He felt this was unjust and went against their freedom of speech. On the other side support was primarily headed by VannasBatPo, an alt account ran by an unknown user. VannasBatPo believed that freedom of speech does not apply to the private websites and the users should have been purged due to their anti-family values actions. He also pushed for full IP bans for the two users and any user not in favour of the Purge.

Aftermath Edit

The two campaigns continue, but changes don't appear to be coming anytime soon. For the indefinite future it appears ilovefreedom and Boo-Rad will remain banned. Due to the ban only applying to accounts and not IP addresses, the two users have begun using alt accounts.

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