September 12th attack
Vital statistics
Participants alexw
Date September 12th-13th
Location rrrather

The September 12th rrrather terrorist attack occurred on the morning of September 12, 2016 and is ongoing as of September 13th. The site was suddenly and unexpectedly shut down, due almost certainly to a violent bombing assault on the sites internet electricity module softwares. There are some suspects, but lets be real alexw did this lets fucking lynch him.

Inside Job Conspiracy Edit

There is a conspiracy surrounding whether alexw did the attack himself. Leading up to the attack his frequented the site less and

rarely accepted questions. There was also growing decent from within the user base with talks of rebellion making their way through the ranks. Alexw may have fakes the attack by simple shutting down the site to gain support from the populace. At the tie of the attack alexw was in the middle of reading a book to some children. He may have been using that as an alibi as to not be implicated.

TerryJuice Edit

TerryJuice is an old user known for being a proud Christian and often being mistaken for a being black. He soon started to dabble in the dark world of internet sex and dick pics. He eventually fell from grace after he was convicted by the rrrather court of pedophilia. His motivations may have actually been to scan private messages looking for nudes, but his incompetence led him to accidentally crashing the site.

The Russian Government Edit

There is some reason to suspect the Russian government was behind the attack. The site sports large progressive and libertarians communities. Many hold distasteful views of Donald Trump, instead favouring third party candidates Jill Stein and Gary Johnson. Russia may have done the attack in order to try and break these communities. They may have also just done it, because the Russians are pricks and they wanna ruin our days.


RIP chat

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