During RRSBR 2014, the owner of the site gave the then host of the game, Anameok, a special ability to help out with said event. This ability would later be refereed to as alt vision by various members of the rrrather userbase. In short, alt vision is an abilty by certain users to know which accounts are being used by the same people. This is done through detecting the individuals users IP address. All accounts made by various users would be visible on their respective profiles. While other users would later also recieve this ability, anameok was the first one to recieve it. As it turns out, giving other users what is essentially mod power would end up being a massive fuck up on alexw's part.

Background Edit

During his stay, anameok/CriticalDrive was known for being pretty responsible in terms of how he handled alt vision. He would frequently turn down request by other people to reveal alt accounts under his then personal code of ethics. However as time progressed, critical became more cynical and began to dislike the site as a whole. He eventually got tired of everyone's shit and left the site. So what does a person with mod powers on a site he no longer goes to and nothing to lose does in his final moments. Expose the alternative accounts of literally everyone on the site of course. On November 16, 2015, just a little over a month after his initial post declaring his departure from the site, Critical sent out pm's to almost every active user at the time with a message explaining his alt vision and an imgur post detailing the alt accounts of all then active users as well as a few inactive veterans.

The original pm (see picture on right)

Imgur link to list of accounts [1]

Aftermath and Legacy Edit

Over 61 users were included in the leak. There was no visible outrage from event however shannon, one of the people whose alt accounts were revealed to be commenting on their own questions, seems to have contacted critical about shutting down her account as a result. Shannon900's account is currently closed down, but she is still active as torran. Alexw made no real response to the event likely because he doesn't give a shit. It appears that critical's account is not banned, despite revealing everyones account and calling him a fgt in the comment section of his last question. While critical is no longer a part of the site, there are still others who have the ability that he did. Will an event like this happen again in the future by another user, and if so what can we do to prevent it? Only time will tell.