The Veteran Purge
Vital statistics
Participants Cantthinkofawittyone†

Otakumon† dmj312† Matthias97†

Date April 2015-Present
Location rrrather
TwoBad by TheDunno - Copy

RandomGuy's hideous creation. Some say he takes it out on Friday just to watch it rip itself apart while fighting over whether to go to the movies or Chuck E. Cheeses.

Starting in the spring of 2015, a great purging of rrrathers vets occurred for unknown reasons. To date, many have been killed and the survivors are left shaken and scattered. It may have resulted from the devastion of the recently ended DonkeyPunch-Cantthinkofawittyone War.

The Purge is ongoing as of May 30th, with the death of vetern user Matthias97. After his death, local conjoined twin fanatic RandomGuy stole his corpse from Dragah's house after having discovered a way to bring him back to life. He captured heyitscece, dragged her to his basement, and used her body and Matthias' dead body to create the ugliest thing in the world, next to Cantthinkofawittyone's forehead. The experiment was successful in bringing Matthias back to life, but he'll be ugly forever. The end

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