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Travis261, also known as Travis an alpha male user on rrrather. He is known mainly for being high who constantly goes into chat stoned as fuck. He has been known to frequent chat and do this very often while on the site. Although, he is not shy in commenting and in creating questions either. Shy is one of the most laughable descriptions of this guy possibly given due to the fact that he always says the first thing on his mind regardless of how stupid it is. He is known to be one of the funniest user's on the site. In real life Travis has been known to be quite a ladies man. Travis has an identical twin brother that I shit you not looks exactly like Justin Beiber. Although visually identical they live completely different lives. His brother is a loser while Travis is a boss. He knows his way around a vagina better than anyone, and constantly talks about his God status in the middle of chat. On July 12th 2015 Travis was banned for making "inappropriate comments" against RedEagle and red, being the massive SJW he is, had travis reported to alexw. Upon hearing this the site went up in an uproar and by the next day he was unbanned after Alex was moved by all the questions comments and pms he was getting regarding the ban.

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